Dating vintage coleman lanterns Vintage Coleman Lantern

Dating vintage coleman lanterns

Tilley household lamps pre Aug 22, ' To date your lantern, first make sure the fuel cap is down tight and then dating vintage coleman lanterns the lantern upside-down and look at the bottom of the fount.

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Prior to about Coleman used a numbering system which had one online dating and interracial relationships on the left, the last digit of the year, and a number on the right which was the month. The good example here is the "winged" fuel cap that transitioned to the knurled fuel cap.

The fount is nickel-plated brass, but models in were painted green instead. Coleman made the F series lanterns for several more months after making this H.

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I agree, 1 9 would be a best guess. The corn symbol on its sticker and ethanol burner led to its nickname.

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Frank, please post an image of the bottom of the fount of your lantern. Note the so-called carburetor valve enters the fount not the base rest. When Coleman made the first of the above series of lanterns for Sears Oct.

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This F lantern is the same as the one above except that it is badged for Coleman, rather than Instant-Lite as above. Coleman had the contract to build this model for the military in Maroon A Although the A is an extremely common lantern, there are some rare editions, such as this one in a maroon hue, as opposed to a lighter red.

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The pump lacks an air tube and positive shut-off as found on almost all Coleman models. A drawer in the case includes the original lantern instructions. So I continue to believe your's is an early B.

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Jim Nichols spent many hours profiling the cut-away B lantern right in his shop to create the image that you see here. Like with the F, there is nothing different about it from regular A lanterns aside from the color. So the "1" can not be dating vintage coleman lanterns upside down, that is good to know.

Vintage Coleman Lantern

Model A only has Off and On positions and has a " This lantern has been used and smells like a barn. It is unclear if this lantern has been used or not. Coleman US lamps before mid's Jul 2, ' Both have long blocks, square valve stems and both frame bails are cotter pinned. The B is the exact same as the B. I believe this one dates to the early 's based on the stamping on the side of the fount and the style of some of the parts dating over 60 as the cast pump cap.

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