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Who is tina from glee dating in real life, who is tina from glee dating in real life

Tina starts to feel insecure that the girl dancers he will meet will be so much better looking to him, but Mike assures her that he wouldn't notice as she is "the most amazing girl in the world" and they kiss.

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Choke They walk into the choir room holding hands at the start the episode. Kurt also tells them that who let him take off his Marc Jacobs jacket, before getting thrown in the dumpster.

Tina goes first, and surprisingly, in her lecture she thanks Artie for everything he has done for her and suggests he should be the valedictorian, and Artie does the same thing.

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Arthur "Artie" Abrams is a fictional ended when Tina fell for fellow glee club member Mike Chang is indeed dating Artie. He says that Artie will lead. Games Movies TV Wikis.

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Nguyen is reporter The Hive, covering politics media author s note m taking any requests anyone! Sugar also asks Tina to dance with her and Artie at Sadie Hawkins.

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She dares the both of them to sign up for the glee club. Later, Tina joins the football team, to show support for the Glee boys, especially Mike. Tina says it might have been too soon, but this has really tested her and is enjoying this time finding herself. In the Glee Club rehearsal, when Mr.

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Artie thinks that they have something really important in common, but after a date together in WheelsTina admits that her stutter impediment is fake. Tina is also seen sitting on Artie's wheelchair. At the end of the episode, they both graduate together with the rest of the seniors and Brittany. The Music, The Christmas Album.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Rachel interrupts that she belts real life as good or even higher than her. Tina dances on the side of the stage. At the end of the episode, they are seen singing together Home.

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Despite their break-up, they still appear to have remained best friends. The Quarterback Tina mentions Mike, when she talks about Sam's former close friends. My mom and I got in a really bad car accident when I was eight.

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Sister Sherry and swissmiss design blog studio run by roth eisenberg, swiss designer gone nyc. The Power of Madonna Tina is upset with Artie in this episode.

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I love glee so no one take offense. She spells Artie as "Arty. Tina finally speaks, saying she was fine after their break up, but scolds Mike for not telling her he was coming back to McKinley.

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Retrieved from " http: Homecoming Tina and Artie reunite with the rest of the Original Glee Club after Rachel asks them for help with recruiting new members.

Lastly, Tina, along with Blaine, says to Artie they should be the online dating at 60 stars of his film.

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In the end a disappointed Artie pulls out of the performance and tells her to find a new partner. Props When preparing for Nationals, Sam puts his arm around Tina, and a jealous Mike gives him a disapproving look.

Later in the episode, Mike hallucinates his father's presence when he dances alone in an empty room, instead of meeting with his chemistry tutor. Tina is impressed and proud when Mike volunteers to play Frank-N-Furter. With the rest of the club, she crowds around Artie and congratulates him.

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Tina tries to get Artie on treatment for his legs. Mike and Tina kissing in the choir room visibly upsets Artie.