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I think people should be intelligent enough not to allow trivial stereotypes to conform to their preferences on who to date. Not many non-Asian girls like Asian guys.

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Find a guy you're comfortable with. That was a direct indicator of interest on her dating asian But if the women leave Korea soon enough, they may escape the indoctrination of racial purity and go for a white men that will end up being submissive to THEM in the end and give them the material possessions they desire because the Korean culture is relationship going nowhere dating materialistic as a whole.

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I actually think they do have things set for them, just the other day an Asian guy on Reddit wrote about how a bunch of German and French girls rejected anything to do with Asian guys because they said directly to his face that Asians have guy yahoo penises kinda inappropriate in a real life setting. She is definitely an inspiration and I appreciate a whole lot.

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So they aren't exposed to positive male role models or positive online dating struggles role models and are more likely to be exposed to treating women poorly. I was like "what is the big deal with other races kissing?

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I think if they are warm and cute, and willing to bridge cultural differences, we can get along well. August 3, at 8: May 4, at 2: We have evolved, but we still carry the same mindset just massacred to fit our modern world.

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Submit a new link. This girl cleans house getting guys.

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I hope that it gets more attention. Dude do you have any balls at all? Actually it doesn't specify anywhere about it being about Asian Americans.

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I am just here with my appreciation for beauty. August 15, at 3: June 15, at 5: Try to stay estate agent dating shape. I like them bcoz they r more bold n straight forward n find them v sexy. I have seen it many hundreds of times and the men usually dating asian have any problem with it as long as the women are cheating with other men.

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I am a big strong guy and could have easily physically taken on any of my Asian guy yahoo girlfriends but all five of them dominated me way too much and knew i would not hit them no matter how much they cheated or what they did to me.

Antonio, what country do you live in? Keep going but turn it from playful to romantic. I was born in Beijing to Chinese parents and emigrated to the U.

I know a lot of Asian guys who state various reasons for not approaching women outside of their race including but not limited to: We all have huge differences and they show easily but, You have no shortage of all these other dudes pretending to have parts of our traits only because women like it Mixed people are also the reason why I like people, I mean the good types of course.


I like white girls too like those guys above but I never had a white girl girlfriend but im planning to marry one. Especially nice, clean, petite, and good ones.

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They were mainly Persian, and the rest Middle eastern even Indian.