Dating site for 6th graders Dating in 5th/6th grade?

Dating site for 6th graders

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AmyMyNameyObadiah and Linguist like this. Aug 30, Messages: Last edited by a moderator: I was brought up in church PLUS have strict parents.

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Generally speaking there wasn't much real action until at least grade 6 and in most cases it wasn't physical at all until high school. Feb 11, Don't assume all parents know.

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Feb 11, It's been almost 40 years since I was in 6th grade and we all were "going with" a boy. I've never received a note like that and I'm Today I intercepted a note Feb 12, You wanna know how I found out my 10 year old son had a girlfriend?

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I don't care how emotionally mature you are. It was all talk and no action!

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That was back in the s. The parents I called were livid!!!! Feb 11, I teach HS juniors and seniors.

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I don't know anyone who dated before middle-school when I was in school--although we did chase the boys to try to catch them and kiss them in 3rd grade--so I guess that counts. We never even locked our house doors. Jun 7, Messages: It's not appropriate for your age.

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He accidentally left up a facebook picture of her.