Gay dating who pays Who Should Be Paying on a Same Sex Date?

Gay dating who pays, who pays on dates?

Get Started Today's posts Unanswered posts. Now you know why guys are gay dating who pays looking for masc guys they're cheap! Whoever feels like paying, pays.

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Yeah, I just started watching it. Gay dates; who pays?

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For dates where there isn't really an asker, it's whoever insists on paying for the longest period of time. Switch to Hybrid Mode. May 02, 6: I much prefer going Dutch even if it's going to be a much bigger deal for me than it would be for him.

Should stay the same. Contact Us Straight Dope Homepage. Here are some options you can consider.

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Related Questions Is it okay to date someone 6 years older than you? That being said there are also some benefits and dealing with the issue of who should be paying on a same sex date is one of them!

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Find all posts by pizzabrat. Advice on everyday issues Replies: Find all posts by blanx. May 02, 8: Is it ever ok to double date on first date?

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Hum, I have almost always gone Dutch and no, I am not interested in debating the term, deal with it Tried to make joke and failed. What is the social protocol for who pays on a gay date? Agema, 4 only awhile strange which friend ask dating been Why 50 and Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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As for paying, going Dutch is fine. With most dates I've gone far cry 3 matchmaking, each paying for their own dinner or one paying for dinner the other for drinks, in any case working out about equal.

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This is a self-moderating sub. My partner was a broke college dude not long ago and still isn't earning heaps so I figure I should pay more Find all posts by FairyChatMom. Why is a coffee date often the choice for a first date? Who pays for dinner on a date? Miss Manners would say the person who invited the other to an event would be the one who should be expected to pay the bill.

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