Super junior dating scandal SM Entertainment No Longer Fears Super Junior And Girls' Generation Members Dating [Opinion]

Super junior dating scandal

Over the past few years, whenever I've come up in dating rumors I have nothing to do with, my label suggested, 'Let's release a statement denying so.

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While Taeyeon's relationship with EXO's Baekhyun caused some strife, SM Entertainment admitted the relationship right telford speed dating, given that the two were caught by journalists kissing.

On the throne, replacing Satan. In the picture, the reflection of the spoon shows a mans face, rumored to be Changmin.

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Between different relationships with the fans and older idols, the aging members, and SM Entertainment's self-assurance that Super Junior and Girls' Generation will be successful regardless of individual members' scandals, there's no reason to deny the relationships of top-tier idols any longer. The two have been friends for a long time.

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John lloyd cruz dating history if Jessica's romantic life had a role, which many assume it did, SM Entertainment has shown, scandal again, that personal issues will not stop its top girl group. An eight member Girls' Generation is odd, and not as stable as the group was with nine members.

Discussions from allkpop Forums Fans took them as lovers and spread news about a possible relationship between the two.

Cho Kyuhyun

According to a report, they were seen enjoying a musical together. He also added that he would like a non-celebrity girl and walk along the streets together. He confessed that they go out to drink often which might have started all the fuss. Super JuniorGirls Generationsungmin datingtaeyeon baekhyun.

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He best questions ask online dating to get everything back as it was before. If you don't, I'll kill you.

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Momoland give a cute performance of 'Wonderful Love' on 'Fact in Star'. Any Suju that ever comes out with dating news will have all ELFs behind them shouting that they finally did it.


The two idols were rumored to be dating after Victoria uploaded a picture of her meal in February Kyuhyun and actor Uhm Ki Joon were rumored to be dating. I applaud him for this long post and i could understand why he's so pissed about this as he has nothing to do with this issue.

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Not too long ago it was reported that the Super Junior member Shindong and his girl friend Kang Shi Nae are no longer a couple. Despite that, junior dating other become wrapped up in dating rumors, whether it's the male or the female who is my acquaintance, I'm always the 'Madame Ddu'. There's a special place in hell for Kim Heechul Kyuhyun did not make any contradictory comments regarding his relation with Uhm Ki Joon.

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From the Shop Shop More. Bio, Fan Facts, History etc. Shindong Not too scandal ago it was reported that the Super Junior member Shindong and his girl friend Kang Shi Nae are no longer a couple.

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Why do you have to suffer when you have nothing to do with it' but I just laughed it off, saying, 'It's okay. My explanation was rather long. He approached and greeted super, but not before paparazzi could snap a couple of pictures of the moment.

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Because it would affect the popularity of a group, risking their lasting power. EXO is still reeling from Kris' departure, and Baekhyun's scandal risked alienating fans who still see the member as an idol rather than a person.

IU was in the spotlight again when she was caught seeing a movie with actor Lee Hyun Woo, although their rumored love turned out to be false.

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The idol's name has come up in the past in other dating rumors, due to his fame for being close with a number of people in the entertainment industry.