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Nothing more alluring than suppressed desire. Well, my dating coworkers hospital and I worked at the same hospital, but not in the same department, and he's not a healthcare worker he worked in General Stores. The only way I could see it happening is if it started as a slow friendship and grew into something more.

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Find all posts by PandaBear My former boss had an affair with a woman on his team they were both marriedand it blew up badly. Quote from tommybabe i can understand rules against supervisors dating subordinates, because of issues of favoritism, but if the coworkers are on an "equal" employment level i. She's making beautiful jewelry made of resin and the shedded skin of her lizard it's actually quite nice-looking.

So win-win for everyone.


Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Develop a strong personality Only those with a strong personality can successfully date a co-worker, as you encounter a sea of troubles once you start an office romance.

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Tibbs] [ In reply to ] Quote Reply. She quit and he got demoted and dropped from the line of potential successors to the president.

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I met my husband at work, too! Find all posts by leahcim. Friendships are best left outside of work.

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I korean dating reality show understand rules against supervisors dating subordinates, because of issues of favoritism, but if the coworkers are on an "equal" dating coworkers hospital level is6 preferential matchmaking. If it goes south, there may be issues at work. Co-workers in general should be no one elses business. We worked at a small community hospital and your business tended to be everyone's business.

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But if you can both be adult about it and keep work at work and fun at home your odds are better of at least being able to work together if for some reason the relationship doesn't last. I found out the hard way.

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She thinks that she might be a lesbian. As someone said, familiarity breeds contempt.

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They were both mid-level managers, in charge of completely different areas and did not have to work together or report to each other. Post 1 of 22 views.

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Been there, done that. I never imagined when we met.

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Need to hear your take on this please. It's a small mom and pop type grocery store so hierarchy doesn't really play into anything too much and since we usually have a handful of high school and college kids here there's usually a few of them dating with varied results.