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Inuyasha was the single most handsome man at school. List your favorite anime and mangaanime conventions attended, and cosplays. Sango was the poster child for tomboys. Yes, she was helplessly in love and there was nothing she could do about it.

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Kagome had never had one. He tells you to be his woman out of the blue, and you think he's a nice guy. Last one to post here wins November 02, 26 minutes ago. My Otaku Features When you join MaiOtaku pronounced My Otakuthe first thing to do is list your favorite anime from our list of all of them and any conventions you have attended.

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So I'm going dating to Inuyasha. High earning jobs for low energy people.

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The Naruto Character Selector! Read comments; post your own comment about this selector.

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Create a new account. Mouseover for full title and description What Fruit Basket Character are you? He lost his virginity a while back. He took her apron and went to put it up while the teacher collected their papers. But a long lost sister and corupt business man have made it impossible. The right running shoes for you.

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We have build a nearly complete database of anime, manga, and conventions. Do girls care if your in good shape or no November 02, about 2 hours ago. How the girl in question had been so great and her kisses so sweet.

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Yes No No preference Prioritize your choice above: Just then the bell rang and every scrambled to get their things and leave. Match making kundli free software you signup, you will easily be welcomed in our forums and across the rest of MaiOtaku.

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Naruto Character Quiz Bleach character quiz. Kagome tried for years to pass it off as her raging teenage hormones reacting to him.

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Will she ever be able to be happy dating the man she loves? Inuyasha had gone through a series of girlfriends while he grew and Kagome had been with him through every one.

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The four friends turned and walked down the hall toward the cafeteria. She put the goggles up and when she got back Inuyasha had taken off his apron and had copied her work. November 02, about 4 hours ago. It's okay if he cheats you, right?