One direction preferences bsm youre dating a member of the wanted One direction preferences bsm youre dating a member of the wanted

One direction preferences bsm youre dating a member of the wanted

Your eyes widened when you saw your brother Liam smiling yet a face full of anger.

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There was a girl, who was the sister of Nathan Sykes. After the boys ran on stage, you slipped out unnoticed and got into Toms car.

Preference: A member of The Wanted is your brother; Harry’s part

Max is your brother: You both were attracted to each other, but you never admitted it until the next year, Nathan sat a few tables away from you, spying on you. Nathan was pestering about if I would date you.

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You were supposed to be meeting Harry right now. Siva was the brother you were closest with, until he went off to be with his new band.

He wanted to know if you were with someone, or if this someone was just a friend. You looked over at Tom and smiled. It was a few months later, maybe March, when Nathan wanted to talk to you. Zayn, your brother, arch enemy. Your eyes widened and you both sprinted off to the car driving quickly back to the arena.

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You met none other than Harry Styles. You were laying in your bed cuddling with Siva, watching a movie.

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You saw Tom and Louis suddenly walk in together. He would keep in contact with you, but he was also busy.

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Tonight, while your brothers concert went on, so you took the advantage to see Tom. But that same night, they both arrived to your place, with the same weird expression. All my preferences are in order of age… As in youngest to oldest.

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Inyou met Harry when you went to the X Factor show, and you two bonded. These are the lovey, friendly, and brotherly preferences.

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It took you off guard when he jumped and straddled you from the waist. You both went to the movies and enjoyed your date. You knocked on his door many times, before he answered it.

(Requested) Preference: BSM, You’re Dating A Member of The Wanted

You knew by now that Zayn had saw 7 heaven speed dating. You said in the room and waited nervously for Zayn to come home. You were the youngest of the group, and you were born just before your father died. He was so protective of you. Tom was your brother, and Louis was your best friend. When you arrived to his place, Louis answered the door.

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Once you arrived you looked back at your phone only it being Max from The Wanted, your boyfriend. You listened to the lyrics, and noticed it was everything you two have done in the past year. You turned your head to where Harry was looking, and sure enough, you saw Nathan. He soon deepened the kiss, placing a hand on your thigh rubbing it gently.