Naruto dating anko fanfiction Watch Me: A Naruto Fanfiction

Naruto dating anko fanfiction

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Recently Naruto had been dating anko a lot of A-ranked missions in order to fulfill requirements to start training under Tsunade as her apprentice. I hate being formal. Naruto Namikaze managed to defeat Madara and even saved her from Kabuto.

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I can't wait for us to go home and…. She's tough, but I've always assumed she would appreciate a man who could make her feel like a woman. Anko wasn't as strong as Kakashi, so this dating exercise dating show bloopers exhausting for her. His newly invented sexy jutsu seemed to have done the trick. Then she gyrated her hips and moved so that his tongue rubbed in one long stroke from her pussy to her clit.

Naruto for his part had already sensed the three girls approaching and smiled a bit. Why bring you on a date if I didn't want to get to know you.

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He was working her over completely, and it speed dating 40+ london her moan and cry out whenever Naruto found a new spot to zone in on. Incidentally, this uncharacteristic display convinced three of Orochimaru's agents that they'd been made and that their master's former student was imagining all the horrible things she'd be permitted to inflict on them after they'd been taken into custody.

Anko enjoyed his company, she loved the feel of his body, she wanted him to press her into the mattress and remind her that she was a woman for fucks sake. So out of instinct he moved over to her and held her.

Men always assume I'm some slutty sadist with a penchant for bondage. Naruto's mind was imagining making out with her quite passionately, while ripping each other's clothes, pretty much leading the hormones take its course. There was a long silence, and Naruto was about to start a different conversation when she cleared her throat and replied, "Do you want the truth, Naruto? He didn't graduate at first, but after Mizuki's little plan to use the boy to steal the forbidden scroll, Naruto saved me using a technique far greater than the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu".

She knew that certain shinobis could actually go toe to toe with a jinchuuriki, but to imagine an Anbu captain like Yamato blaming him it was ridiculous. She was pondering on the mission, since it involved Orochimaru, her late sensei and the one who practically ruined her life for good.

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Rating for future chapters. It was a surprise, seeing how he always jumped into everything headfirst when he was younger. This place was her sanctuary, her place in konoha. But what intrigued her to no end, was how a guy like him could change so much.

Chapter 8: Old Faces

I mean why take me out if you have feelings for her? I mean, the seal was one thing, but keeping me from getting laid?!

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She was thirty-one, and this damn nineteen year old kid wanted to start dating her. Only happier I guess?