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Dating fails failblog

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Check out more of his amazing work over here! We wouldn't recommend breaking these particularly dark-humored jokes out at the next formal occasion.

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The thing you don't expect is just how much the similarities sneak up on you once you reach adulthood. Android App on Google Play.

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FAIL kids potty training gross parenting funny. Literally the only place worse than that is if you put it smack dab in the middle of your face. These jokes are so freakin' stupid that they're actually works of art.

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Sometimes it's hard to tell whether these devious parents are plain old bored, or having way too much fun subjecting their kids to all manners of dating fails. If you really feel compelled to ink your future ex's name, put it on a butt cheek or somewhere else that will seldom see the light of day.

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Introducing the Fail Blog Store. It's not easy storming the streets at night to uphold justice with a burning vigilance, guys.

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But we're not entirely sure that's the case in this situation. There are too many tattoo FAILs on the internet that indicate otherwise.

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Why does this ridiculous video dating fails failblog something like the epitome of a late night NY deli style altercation. When you consider this ridiculous picture out of context, it carbon dating formula derivation a bit mortifying Well, this naturally inspired a nice little wave of impressively believable fan theories.

Android App on Google Play. In this particular case there are multiple levels to the stupidity at play. Available in the App Store.

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The press naturally having a field day with this one FAIL cringe failbook facebook funny. IF for some reason you decide that your neck is IN FACT the place where you want this eyesore to be just make sure that it's not too big And NOW he has his secret drawer exposed? Available in the App Store. The Duffer Brothers behind the critically-acclaimed Netflix TV series Stranger Things, have made no attempts to steer people clear of their beliefs that Stranger Things and It might be connected.