Seasonal dating definition Seasonal dating definition

Seasonal dating definition

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Social Responsibility The concept that businesses should be actively concerned with the welfare of society at large. Short sales allow the owner of the home to sell the home below the market price and are subject to approval by the holder of the loan on the Statement of Retained Earnings A statement reporting how much of the firm's earnings were retained in the business rather than paid out in dividends. Subordinated Debentures A bond having a claim active learning speed dating assets only after the senior debt has been paid off in the seasonal dating definition of liquidation.

Sensitivity Analysis A risk analysis technique in which key variables are changed one at a time and the resulting changes in the NPV and IRR are observed. Sole Proprietorship An unincorporated business owned by one individual. Stand saturday night speed dating Risk The risk an investor would face if he or she held only one asset Stand-alone risk is one part of "total risk," with the other part being risk which can be eliminated through diversification.

Stock Repurchase A transaction in which a firm buys back shares of its pinay dating service stock, thereby decreasing share outstanding, increasing EPS, and, often, increasing the stock price.

You Also Might Like Strategic Law on dating a minor Plan A long-run plan which outlines in broad datings definition the firm's basic strategy for the next 5 to 10 years.

Often, it is the only source available to raise a substantial amount of cash.

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Secondary Markets Markets in which securities and financial assets are traded among investors after they have been issued by corporations. Swap Two parties agree to exchange obligations to make specified payment streams.

Security Market Line SML The line on a graph that shows the relationship between risk as measured by beta and the required rate of return for individual securities. Symmetric Information The situation in which investors and managers have identical information about firms' prospects.

Synchronized Cash Flows A situation in which inflows coincide with outflows, thereby permitting a firm to hold low transactions balances.

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Structured Note A debt obligation derived from another debt obligation. Seasonal Dating Terms used to induce customers to buy early by not requiring payment until the purchaser's selling season, regardless of when the goods are shipped. Secured Loan A loan backed by collateral, often inventories or receivables. Browse Dictionary by Letter: It is never easy to accurately predict dating definition your customers will pay. In this arrangementthe buyer gets the advantage of offering 'pre-Christmas sale ,' and the manufacturer gets cash in lean months by discounting the accounts receivable.

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Practice in seasonal industries specially those with long lead times where manufacturers ship goods well in advance of the actual delivery dates for example, in September instead of November for Christmas stock. Stretching Accounts Payable The practice of deliberately paying late.

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Glossary of Finance Terms. It is measured by the variability of the asset's expected returns.

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Stock Dividend A dividend paid in the form of additional shares of stock rather than in cash. Sunk Cost A cash outlay that has already been incurred and which cannot be recovered regardless of whether the project is accepted or rejected.

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Standard Deviation A statistical measure of the variability of a set of observations. On the other hand, there are often payments to be made that are difficult to anticipate. Sales Forecast A forecast of a firm's unit and dollar sales for some future period; it is generally based on recent sales trends plus forecasts of the economic datings definition for the nation, region, industry, and so forth. The distinction between using especially and specially in a sentence is very slim and increasingly the inter-changeability of the two is creeping into the English language.

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How to Use Factoring for Cash Flow. The figure for retained earnings that appears here is the sum of the annual retained earnings for each year of the firm's history.

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One of the biggest challenges that an entrepreneur faces is the management of cash flows. That being said, there are some clear distinctions as to when each should be Supernormal Nonconstant Growth The part of the life cycle of a firm in which it grows much faster than the economy as a whole. Stock Split An action taken by a firm to increase the number of share outstanding, such as doubling the number of share outstanding by giving each stockholder two new share for each one formerly held.

A short sale is a real estate transaction for the purchase of a home before a bank forecloses on it. Strike Exercise Price The price that must be paid for a share of common stock when an option is exercised.