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Chinese dating show english sub

It's a little suspicious yea with the short timing between G-League Finals and this show, but I think Xiao8 may have had his eyes on her for a while since she's apparently been on that dating show for a long time.

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My parents watch it allllll the time. I am confused because it seemed to go well for them, but then she chinese back down and he goes dating site edinburgh alone. The datings that are on the show for really long time are there to get popular. Where'd you hear this from? I think this was really adorable. I mean, my opinion's the only one that matters, right?

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Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. Bitch, why dont you english hook up with him?

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Look at this picture here, chinese. Log in or sign up in seconds. I've seen quite a few of these shows during my time in China and they are set up quite some time in advance - guests have to be chosen, they have to dating show the video footage, and the show itself is filmed at least a week prior to air date. Why you gotta be like that? It's usually on after sub but by then I'm usually upstairs playing Dota.

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I'm pretty sure they met up after the filming. There's also a lot that is edited out. He admits that he's pretty introverted and quiet most of the time, whereas she would want to be more open in a relationship.

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He's also from the town over from my hometown. I'm now a fan of Xiao8 after this. She loves this stuff.

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Ugh, I suggest you don't. That has to be a phone number at the end.

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You won't be able to english or comment. Pretty sure the fan girl was there in the crowd. Then the tables are turned and the he gets to choose from the remaining girls that show him, then drama and see if they agree to be with each other. I have to admit it kind of grew on me for the brief time I saw it.

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Nicely done, I'm off the natalie dougan dating in the dark now: Those lenses need to stop being popular, right now. Don't have an account? If your greatest idol comes down and talks to you, you're gonna be in a brief state of shock. But still both weird by far under normal standards.

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I know game shows in American are filmed well in advance and that contestants have to sign agreements saying they won't reveal the conclusion to anyone. I can't even imagine what a dating show with a professional gamer would be like in North America, avoiding the fact that it would never actually happen.

This shit is tame as hell in comparison.

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I'm not sure if he knew she played Dota before the G-League Finals though. Also there's her steam profile, she's clocked in hours of dota 2.

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It isn't scripted, they are just used to being that cheesy.