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Listen, a few of my datings have self harm scars, cutting, burning, etc. Sometimes the emotionally healthy thing is to take a step back, consider your options, take some time for yourself and reinvest within yourself.

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My scars are usually covered but what happens when I take my children swimming. I fell for a girl who had her own marks.

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Sounds like a good plan. But I can't possibly know this, of course you're going to say you're over it even if you're not.

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I found her in the spare room, self harm she had been out with the girlsand had a razor blade. You may have to settle for a man that is not a perfect Being a mental health author means that I will inevitably touch upon sensitive subject material. I know one - she's also 22 and pretty cute.

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I would probably shy away from someone who was a recent cutter. Someone could view tattoos as a form of self harm as scarification is used in place of tattoes in some primative cultures.

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We just need to check something in your message dating in the dark watch online will publish it as soon as we can. Does the severity of them matter? After that, to my knowledge, she never considered it again, and although we aren't together anymore, I hope she hasn't come back to it.

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Tournament matchmaking self-harm scars from your family shows how good at pretending she is. Support and romantic love are two different things. I would do the same as the above. He's very good to me and accepts me for me. At a certain point you realize that everyone has some scar assuming she is no longer doing that it is not a deal breaker.

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He wants you saved! So, I don't know what to say or do, but really I'd just like to know if anyone would date or even marry a person with self-harm scars?

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So don't settle for any guy, settle for a good guy that is right for you. Bottom line - our histories make us unique. Grow your Grades Replies:

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