Kendall and logan dating fanfiction Kendall and logan dating fanfiction

Kendall and logan dating fanfiction

Kendall looked over and met eyes with Logan.

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That night he didn't dream about his boyfriend but about a certain blonde boy with green eyes. The least you could do is pay.

He makes it really hard for me to keep things bottled up. Stop acting like you're better than me. His cold hand brushed against the others boxers. He felt his heartbeat start to go back to normal.

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Your review has been posted. He stayed because his heart had shattered and he didn't want anybody else to see him cry.

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Does he hate gay people? This is the best news I ever heard. I walked into Carlos and James' room.

I looked around for a minute. Kendall sat down next to Logan at lunch and 6 year age gap in dating. Not even for Kendall. Once they were far enough away, Kendall kneeled in front of Logan.

I really hope you enjoy this!

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I don't love Logan," Kendall said, pulling the younger boy into a hug. Kendall pulled away smiling at Camille. James put an arm around Logan.

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Kendall stopped Logan from going on by kissing him. Kendall, to prevent himself from falling off the couch, had moved in closer to Logan.

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I can't tell you. Everyone ate in silence and before they knew it, Mrs. I got in my car and drove home.

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It's only fake dating anyway! Soon, Kendall screamed Logan's name as he came. Can you ever forgive me? Logan rolled his eyes. Why did James do that?